"ANECDOTE" Notes by Motohiko Hamase

"ANECDOTE" includes recordings of performances played at EAT NEWSIC CONCERT No.3 / MOTOHIKO HAMASE Concert "Reminiscence" on June 12, 1987 at Spiral Garden in Aoyama Spiral, Tokyo, which was planned and sponsored by SPIRAL(Wacol Art Center Corp.).
Since I was deeply impressed by the performance of percussionist Yasunori Yamaguchi who joined the concert, I asked him to join the recording of my new album "Notes of Forestry", which became the first CD release from SPIRAL's CD label NEWSIC, the following year.
"ANECDOTE" also includes some main tunes from CD albums "Reminiscence" and "Intaglio", which suffered from stopping release. The tunes include "Pascal Variant", which is the original version of "Pascal" to be recorded later in "Notes of Forestry", and "Anecdote". I selected "Anecdote" meaning "a secret story" or "an unpublished item" as this album's name since this tune had been rarely recorded on tape and the live recording itself did not have a chance to be released though its release was often planned.
I am deeply attached to performances and tunes in this album. I was able to play sensitive improvisations under the least amount of strain due to Yamaguchi's splendid approach. Keyboard player Toshio Kaji's performance is one of the best I have ever hard. Although most of the tunes in this album were composed about 10 years ago, they are full of the energy of my soul after a deep involvement with Jazz and after I had gotten over my innocent pleasure in composition. I think that the tunes in this album are a reflection of my gift for composition. However, this happier side in composition is what I'm done with for now. I have to positively expose myself tho the present, experimenting my expressional ability as well as my gift for composition in general.
Comparing "ANECDOTE" with two CD albums "Notes of Forestry" and "Technodrome", you will notice the change between them.
January 2, 1993